About Me

Amina Langedijk – Coach, Trainer, Speaker

I am a Dutch citizen, who moved to Brussels to study and stayed here, enjoying the international work environment. I spent most of my career working for European associations active in European public affairs. As a senior adviser PR and communication, I led pan-European awareness initiatives such as the European Minerals Day, in partnership with EU, national and local stakeholders.

In October 2013, I joined the John Maxwell Team, and have been certified and licensed to deliver John Maxwell’s invaluable leadership trainings and teaching material. In 2014, I launched a part-time coaching and training business to follow my dream, and The Core Concept was born.

I have always been passionate about empowering others and encouraging them to develop their potential.  I discovered my passion for personal growth and development in my early twenties after attending a transformational seminar which had turned my life around, and equipped me with a possibility mindset. I started to connect and communicate in a new way, to think more positively, which changed my reality. I grew closer to my family and friends and overall my relations have become more meaningful. The insights I gained have become part of me. Accompanying others on this personal growth journey towards a better quality of life, fulfilment and success fills me with joy and gratitude.

Today I work as a leadership empowerment coach, with and among leaders, mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs, accompanying them on their growth and leadership journey, and assisting them in discovering their unique blueprint for success and a fulfilling career / life.




“I am passionate about personal growth and transformation. Not only because it changed the quality of my life completely, but also how it makes me feel when I witness other people grow. There is something different about people who connect to their inner power: their eyes start to shine, they radiate and breathe confidence. The energy shifts and lights up around them which in turn has a positive impact on those around them.” 


Last year I followed the Masterminds with Amina Langedijk and I am so happy that I did!!! Thanks to her, I followed my dream and am now living in Australia!!! First I was really scared, didn’t think I could do it, had lots of reasons why NOT to go, but after a few weeks it became clear that it is MY choice, and if I want to do it, even if it scares me, then I can. Amina has been great, listening and helping me throughout the course to gain the confidence I needed to actually go through with it. Now, looking back, I knew what I wanted but was too afraid to do it. Thanks to this course, I figured out that everything is possible, as long as you can dream about it and really want it. Being here in Australia now, I realise every single day that I made my dream come true, and am happier than ever!!! I’m learning and growing so much.

Franke V., Perth, Australia (2013)

I have spent a fantastic day. The workshop was really fun and creative, at the same time it allowed me to reflect about my goals at a deep level. I loved the enthusiasm end energy of Amina, and how she gently guided us through the exercises. I created a beautiful vision board and every time I look at it, it fills me with excitement for my goal.

Esther M., Genval, Belgium (2016)

J’ai eu la chance de recevoir un coaching sur plusieurs mois de Amina. Je la remercie pour m’avoir accompagné dans mon développement personnel.   Le coaching ce n’est pas dire à la personne ce qu’elle doit faire.  C’est se connecter avec la personne pour pouvoir entendre ce qu’elle dit et ce qu’elle ne dit pas.  C’est poser la bonne question au bon moment et c’est aussi donner l’espace pour que le processus puisse se faire et surtout ne pas juger.  Un coach, ça n’a pas de prix car ce qu’il vous apporte reste en vous toute votre vie.  Amina m’a aidée à trouver la solution en moi.  Et quand la solution vient de soi, on sait ce qu’il faut faire ensuite.  Merci de m’avoir fait avancer et grandir.

Céline B., Brussels, Belgium (2016)

The power of your mind is unlimited, you can build a whole empire with a clear view. You can travel around the world, imagine a total new life and get to live it if you trust. Me and my family came to Belgium because we had the feeling that something really good was waiting for us. It was not a coincidence – I don’t believe in coincidences. Amina and I met in Barcelona when I had the great pleasure to share some special moments with her… Then she came back to Belgium and the whole universe conspired to keep us together. She is an amazing inspiring woman who has helped us during all this process and who has guided us into our real core. I only can thank her to have been such an empowering leader to me and my family. Through the Master Mind course my husband and I discovered a total new world full of opportunities that were inside us, and that are now taking us closer to our dreams. Thanks Amina!!!  (2013)

Lisetta P., Zaventem (Belgium)

If there’s one thing I learned from Amina’s coaching, is that everything is possible!! The first course I followed with Amina was “You become what you think” of Inge Rock, back in 2013. Amina invited us into her home and welcomed us warmheartedly. We met up every week for this 9-week journey, and every week my eyes opened up more! I suddenly started seeing opportunities instead of barricades and little by little, week by week, I started working towards a dream I had had for many years. In the beginning, it seemed impossible, “only a dream”, yet it then started to become more realistic every day. And after my course, I decided to go through with it! I spent almost a whole year in Australia, on my own, living and working there for 4 months and then travelling for another 4 months! Something that was inconceivable before; me feeling too insecure for it, leaving everything behind and do something completely out of the ordinary and move to the other side of the world! Now that I’m back, I look back and see it as a huge victory! I now know that, when I set my mind to it, I can do anything!  

Since 2013, I have followed several other courses and workshops with Amina, and I recommend it to everyone! Anyone who is interested in opening their mind and thinking outside the box, from turning life from automatic pilot to actually taking control again! If you have a dream, or if you want to change something in your life – whether it is small or big – then take on this journey of self-discovery! You won’t regret it. And who better then Amina, who is so enthusiastic and fully committed to helping people realize their dreams. She helps you to reach your goals, guides you through your self-doubt and insecurity, and inspires you to continue believing in yourself! 

Franke V., Brussels, Belgium (2015)